Jean Finalle

As a Pennsylvania native and longtime resident of The Woodlands, I have always loved animals, horses in particular. Finding Henry’s Home several years ago provided such a lift in my life. It’s become a major focus in retirement. I spend appreciable time in California now with the birth of our first grandchildren, but I can always hear Tavi and the other horses calling me no matter where I travel these days.

Our team is close and dedicated. The cause can’t be beat. Helping horses in need – and people in need via the horses – is truly a win/win. It’s also a labor of love for the people on our team. So many horses need a sanctuary like Henry’s Home. To help meet that need, we have plans to grow. But, to accomplish that, we, too, will need help. I hope you will come by and learn more about Henrys Home. It could change your life.