Miss Bella

When we got a call about a starving horse down the road from our sanctuary, we had to decline taking it because we were not on our land yet.  But the homeowners that were letting us stay until we could get moved onto the property at Grand Central Park agreed to take her to save her life.  They brought her back to life slowly, feeding her warm mashes three times a day until they got enough weight on her to let the veterinarian sedate her to start the process of repairing her terribly neglected teeth so that she could eat hay again.  She had a severe heart murmur and they were fighting for the life of this gentle soul.  It took a number of vet visits and a number of months of loving care to bring her back to a healthy weight and fix her heart murmur.  They started this process in January of 2016.  We promised them that when we moved if they ever feel that they could not care for her as well as they hoped to she could always join our herd.

It was heartbreaking for them to make the call two years later.  After their vet advised that with her obvious history of very bad chronic laminitis which had resulted in a history of founder, making walking very painful, along with the symptoms of metabolic syndrome, she needed to be on a dry lot eating nothing but hay.  The grass in their pastures were making it worse.  We were delighted to help.  She goes through bad days with her feet to worse days and back, but our farrier is hoping on this new grain-free diet and with his excellent trimming her feet may some day not cause her so much pain. And she is happy to be in the herd with Mr. Dusty as her mate.

“You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe