Miss Lexi

Lexi came into the SPCA about the same time as Henry, in the winter of 2011, but in addition she had a five month old filly at her side.  The folks who rescued her said that her filly was the most beautiful baby they had ever seen.  Unfortunately her baby girl had to be euthanized because of how damaged she was.

We discovered that first summer that she had anhydrosis, which means that she stops sweating.  Each year during the hottest months she must be hosed off a couple times a day to stay comfortable enough to rest and have the energy to eat.  So we just baby her through those hot months and enjoy riding her during the rest of the year.

She has always been the lowest in the pecking order of her herd, but with a couple horses below her now, she is getting a little bit of a diva complex, and totally enjoys letting them know she is the boss of them.  But as tough as she pretends to be with them, we know what a sweet girl she is.  At the end of a ride she always takes a minute to give her rider a good hard head rub to show her appreciation.  In fact she never really misses the chance to give any of us a head rub to say ‘I love you’.

Beautiful, just beautiful.  Oh you too, Miss Lexi.

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Could anything really be that funny, Miss Lexi?


Maureen Daly McNulty you were the first mama Miss Lexi ever knew, and the second sister to help get this sanctuary started.  Thanks for letting God use you to bring her to us.

Miss Lexi you are gentleness and kindness personified.  We are happy to work so hard to keep you healthy, and now you have a beautiful smile as well.

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You are getting that bridle just right Angela . . . so much to learn in our Horsemanship Classes, even for very experienced riders like you.


She looks like she is concentrating on what you are teaching her Steffi.


What did you say to Miss Lexi to make her laugh so hard, Angela?  You need to let us in on that one.

Take that as a compliment Lucia Cavanagh . . . head rubs are her way of saying thanks for keeping me safe, I love you.

Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway. - John Wayne