Sunny is one of our two newest adoptions from the SPCA.  She originally was turned over to them in 2009 as a three year old in a starvation case, was rehabilitated and adopted out with one other horse.  Four years later she was brought back because her owner said she could no longer afford to feed her. She had obviously been bred during those years because she has a mare bubble, meaning she is protective about the space around her with other horses which mares get when they are protecting their foals.

When we brought her home we discovered that she had not been ridden. She was totally unbroken but probably had had a saddle on before, because didn’t act too surprised when we put it on her.  Fortunately she was eager to learn everything and within a month was following our cues very well. She has navicular feet and a tendency towards laminitis, but otherwise she is healthy and a favorite with a lot of our riders with a bit of spirit.  She is only about 14 hands tall but she is  brave and young enough to have a fulfilling and very beloved life here with us for a lot of years to come.

We agree Kelly, she’s not just a pretty face. She is also smart and worth loving.

Yummy carrots . . . you bet!

Don’t let us volunteers interupt your nap, Miss Sunny.

It wasn’t too long ago that you did not know what a bridle was. Now look at how well you take it with Veronica, your friend.

Working with horses is like being on a long trip. It's a journey with no destination, and everything that is important is 'as you go' not 'when you get there'. - Mark Rashid