Pam Grabsky

In life sometimes you feel pulled in two or more directions at the same time. For thirty-two years I worked as a teacher, coach, assistant principal and principal because I felt called to work with young people. I loved working with troubled teens. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping a young person find their way or being present as a student rises above the challenging circumstances of their life.

When I started volunteering at Henry’s Home I quickly realized that these horses needed the same things my students needed: unconditional love, understanding, encouragement, guidance and the opportunity to learn from their experiences without judgement.

As the sun set on my education career and I retired in 2015, it was clear that the new road for me was helping with Henry and his herd. Sadly, like some of my students, these horses have faced some very tough challenges in their lives: starvation, abandonment, loneliness, abuse and lack of basic medical attention. So now instead of student hugs, I am getting horsey hugs daily and loving retirement. Just like when I joined the education profession, I feel called to work with Henry, his herd and many more rescue horses to come, as well as our local veterans as an EAGALA Certified Professional Equine Specialist.