Panther Creek Inspiration Ranch

Inspiration Ranch provides unparalleled personal advancements and results for people with special needs. While riding, the client must repeatedly respond to the horses rhythmic movement, which stimulates the muscular and nervous system; promoting change in the riders strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, social, behavioral responsiveness, sensory processing and confidence.

Horses are known for their unique way of breaking down sensitive barriers and establishing profound connections with humans. Their keen senses are known to mirror the moods and emotions of those around them creating awareness and deeper levels of interaction. This is especially true for those challenged with limited motor skills and cognitive abilities, or for those needing a unique way to heal. Equine assisted activities and therapy provide the tools for special individuals to achieve emotional, behavioral and physical milestones that may otherwise be unattainable.

The programs at Inspiration Ranch are led by Path International Registered Instructors and are supported by a team of dedicated volunteers and of course therapy horses. Together, they work to foster confidence and provide an overall sense of accomplishment that encourages higher levels of independence.

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