Steffi Grandorf

My whole life I have loved horses. They have the extraordinary gift of calming our nerves by just allowing us to be who we are. They do not judge or deceive, but rather live in the moment and teach us to do the same.

After achieving my undergraduate degree in Psychology, I was still going to graduate school in Germany when I met my husband during a trip to New York City in 1999. After obtaining my Masters of Science in Organizational Psychology and Clinical Psychology I moved to the USA. I worked in management for an international marketing research company before I decided to quit my job and be at home full- time with our children. We lived a typical expat live for more than a decade with countless moves within the US and Europe. After moving to The Woodlands, Texas in 2015, I was looking to get involved with horses and riding again when I found Donna and Henry’s Home. She started such an amazing sanctuary, not just for horses but also for people. And I am extremely thrilled and honored to be working on the Equine Assisted Therapy Team as the Mental Health Professional. It already became clear to me during the Certification Process for EAGALA what a great model it is. The EAGALA method of using horses as co-facilitators opens up new pathways for clients to work through feelings and issues without getting caught up in finding the right words to express them. Talk Therapy has its rightful place in the mental health field; but sometimes being able to find a solution without the need to find words to explain feelings can be the most powerful thing in the world.