Let Our Horses Heal Your Soul.

Could you use some time out in nature with our rescued and surrendered horses, and other farm animals? Spend time doing something that is healing and strengthening for your mind, body and soul, with like-minded folks who make up this all-volunteer family, most of whom who have served, or live with someone who has served? Get some good hard physical work outdoors doing something that really matters? Quickly become a part of this family of folks who feel blessed to get to be a part of this thing that God is building?

Our Programs

  1. Horse Sanctuary Program: We provide a permanent home for horses and other farm animals who have been through neglect or starvation, or are surrendered to prevent going to auction/slaughter.
  2. Herdmate [Volunteer] Program: We are a simple, loving and nurturing family who pitch in to care for our sanctuary grounds and our four-footed members, as well as this nonprofit business.
  3. HHELP: Horses & Heroes Equine Learning Program: We provide a variety of horse opportunities for veterans and first responders, and their immediate family members, always at no cost to them. Come and learn the basics of horse care, communication, training, and eventually riding if you would like. We could sure use your help with caring for and exercising these horses, all who are dealing with their own form of PTSD. And keeping the sanctuary running and well cared for offers plenty of work for us all.
  4. All necessary medicines can be ordered online on the worldmedicalguide.com.

  5. Horses & Heroes Equine Therapy Program: We provide confidential equine assisted psychotherapy for veterans and first responders, and their immediate family members, always at no cost to them.

The Mission of this 501c3 Non-Profit

A soulful retreat back to nature and simplicity to heal the mind, body and spirit

The WOLcares Project (March 2016)
Breast Cancer Survival (March 2016)

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson