Who Are We and What Do We Do?

Henry’s Home is a 501c3 nonprofit, run by all volunteers, located in south Conroe, TX, about 40 miles north of Houston.  We take in rescued and surrendered horses, giving them a forever home and meaningful work in our Horses & Heroes Equine Learning Program for veterans and first responders, and our Herdmate Community Volunteer Program for civilians.  We also offer our Horses & Heroes Ranch Life Mentoring Program for veterans, first responders, and civilians.  Everyone here works to take care of the 31 beloved equine members of our family, along with our other farm animals, as well as the small ranch property we live and work on, and the nonprofit business which supports it all.

Our Programs

1. Horse Sanctuary Program: We provide a forever home for horses who have been through neglect or starvation, or are surrendered to prevent going to auction/slaughter.  They live in as natural an environment as we can provide, with an infinity track, pastures for grazing, natural water sources, and true natural handling.  They are all together all the time, barefoot and beloved.  Our program is full and we cannot accept any more horses at this time, but we may be able to help you find a home for your horse.

2.  Horses & Heroes Equine Learning Program: Veterans and First Responder [active or retired] can join our civilians volunteering, with an added variety of horse opportunities saved primarily for you. Come and take lessons on natural horse care and communication, ground training, and eventually riding if you would like, always at no cost to you. Your family can join us as civilian volunteers working with you on daily chores and basic horse handling and grooming.  Horses are the very best therapists and teachers and we could sure use your help caring for them, as they are dealing with their own post traumatic symptoms.

3.  Horses & Heroes Ranch Life Mentoring Program:   Veterans and First Responders can join our team of mentors [to teach or to learn] the basics of a new trade.   Work with peers, and our civilian volunteers, learning basic carpentry, welding, plumbing, electrical, farrier [hoof trimming], metal work, pasture and pond maintenance, ranch cooking, gardening, and more. Learn new skills while working on real-life projects and events here at the sanctuary, with skilled and experienced mentors.  There is no cost for these lessons, but the experience is priceless.

4.  Herdmate [Community Civilian Volunteer] Program: We are a simple, loving and nurturing family of adults who pitch in to care for our sanctuary grounds and our four-footed members, as well as this nonprofit business. No horse experience needed to start learning deeply natural gentle horse care and communication. Work when you want, at what you enjoy, as well as learn new skills in every area of ranch life and equine husbandry.  Please don’t expect to ride, that is saved for our veterans and first responders.  Come get filthy with us!  Fall in love with our herd!


Let Our Horses Heal Your Soul.

Could you use some time out in nature, helping to care for our rescued and surrendered horses and their home, as well as our other farm animals? Spend time doing something that is healing and strengthening for your mind, body and soul, with like-minded folks who make up this family, most of whom have served, or live with someone who has served, in harms way? Get some good hard physical work outdoors doing something that really matters? Or are you looking to financially support a local nonprofit that is making a huge difference in your community? Do you know someone who would benefit from this opportunity to be a part of this thing that God is building?

The Mission of this 501c3 Non-Profit

A soulful retreat back to nature and simplicity to heal the mind, body and spirit

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson