Henry’s Home Needs You

We rescue all breeds and ages of horses, as well as other farm animals, and provide sanctuary for them to live out their days, knowing they will be loved and cared for. Through your kind donation today, you are helping not just to save a life, but to make that life one of joy and meaning.

Become a monthly sponsor

Set up your tax-deductible monthly sponsorship today! Henry’s Home is a 501(c)(3)non-profit horse rescue operating in Conroe, Texas, since 2014. We’re a Verified Rescue with the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, one of less than 200 worldwide, and are Gold Star rated on Guidestar. We are not funded by anyone except YOU (our loyal supporters). Being a small, local, all-volunteer non-profit, your support makes a huge impact – 100% of your donation goes to caring for our animals, or providing time with them to heal for our local veterans and first responders, as well as their families. Sponsor a horse from Henry’s Home by clicking Sponsor A Horse. Be sure to let us know which horse you are sponsoring or if it’s a general sponsorship.


What we specifically need:

Ranching and Land Management Equipment:
ATV or utility vehicle of some type . . . gas powered.
Golf cart
Riding lawn mower
Tools, chain saw, brush clipper, edger, etc.
Building materials . . . railroad ties, moss rocks, wood boards or posts, etc.

Horse trailer
Truck or car
Trailer . . . of pretty much any type

Sponsor a veteran or first responder for two [1 hr $70/hr] Therapeutic Riding Lessons – $140

Sponsor a veteran or first responder for one month of [1 hr $70/hr x 4] Therapeutic Riding Lessons – $280

Provide some hay – $22 alfalfa or $9 grass hay a bale . . . we buy about $3,000 worth a month.

Provide some of our supplements/vitamins for the horses . . . we buy about $4,000 worth a month.

Pay for the farrier to trim all of the horses – $500 a month.

Would you like to sponsor one of our horses? Their costs are about $420/mo for food and farrier. You would be welcome to come help care for them anytime . . . we believe in co-parenting. 😉


Every donation is tax exempt. We will send you a thank you letter for your taxes.

Thanks so much for joining our Henry’s Home family with your donation. Now come spend some time with us.


Send Donation Checks to:

Henry’s Home

14638 Perry Road, Conroe, TX 77302

We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone. - Ronald Reagan