Lil Mercy is a miniature horse, not a pony. She was found by several of our volunteers tied to a tree, being attacked by several great dane dogs. They managed to rip apart a portion of her face before these hero’s could get her untied and taken out of there. They took her immediately to an equine hospital where the veterinary, over several surgeries, rebuilt her face again. You can see the scars around her mouth if you look closely.

She is delighted to have a herd of minis of her own, but make no mistake, she doesn’t take anything from anyone. Pecking orders of the herd don’t really apply to the minis as they don’t follow the basic rules of etiquette that any of the full sized horses follow. She is not afraid of any of them and won’t hesitate to fight for her resources, whether they be food or water or attention. She loves a good scratching and grooming, and she has even been started with driving lessons.  Our minis need a job and purpose just as badly as our horses do. Words to describe this powerful gal in a tiny body: determined, brave, smart, strong, funny, naughty, irritating, curious. We think she would make a great therapy horse as she loves kids and attention, and with her high intelligence and curiosity.


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