Miss Bella came to us indirectly through her adoption in 2016 by the family who invited us to stay on their property while Johnson Development was preparing to move us to Grand Central Park. Everett and Jeanette Coverdell agreed to take her, after we had said no, since we were not yet on our land. She had already given up on life, was about 300 pounds under weight, had a significant heart murmur and one-inch long points on her front and back teeth from years of neglect. And her feet were terrible. Jeanette fed her warm buckets of nutritional mash three times a day in the cold months until she could get enough weight on her to be sedated for her teeth to get done. It took about four months to get her weight back up, her heart murmur healed, and her spirit back. But her feet remained sore all the time. Our farrier and veterinary hoped that with the right diet and trimming and exercise, her founder might correct itself. She was kept separate in her own pen, for her safety, but had the opportunity to build relationships with our horses over the fence, and got a lot of attention and grooming and love by all.

This is what neglect looks like.

Jeanette just could not let her die like this. Unloved.

This is what love looks like.

Jeanette had asked us to take her in 2018 because the vet had said the grass she was on at her home was making Bella’s feet worse. It was a heartwrenching decision, but she came to visit her often, knowing she was in good hands. It was the hardest thing for Jeanette to finally say goodbye to her girl, but after about two years of her hurting with her, and then hurting with us for another year, it was time to let her go. She was lovingly and gently euthanized by our veterinary, in the arms of her loved ones.


Bella became best friends with Dusty from his first day in the herd. Unfortunately, she did not spend too much time in the herd due to her sore feet, which prevented her from getting away quickly if she needed to, due to the pecking order.

Bella never wanted for love. She spent a lot of time laying down due to her sore feet, and loved to sunbath on cool days.

She got a lot of love.

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