Jinx is a very fortunate thoroughbred, bred to race.  She obviously was blessed to have an owner or trainer that helped her find another home when her lungs were damaged during early training as a two year old.  We believe she did some hunting and jumping after she left the track, but she eventually ended up with another thoroughbred mare in a small pasture being fed, but otherwise ignored for years, until she was donated.  Horses need a purpose and a job, a reason to feel needed and appreciated, just like we do.

Like Lexi, she also stops sweating in the summer.  Also we are careful never to take her faster than a trot so the chronic tendinitis she has in a back ankle won’t flare up.  And finally she has endometriosis, giving her a belly ache occasionally, with colic-like symptoms.  Like all our horses, she is so worth the extra time and effort we put into caring for her.  We all love her gentle soul.


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