Chandler came to us on January 31st of 2014.  He is another lucky ex-racehorse who found a loving home after he raced for three years, making his owner just over half a million dollars. He was bought off a slaughter truck by a young farrier who thought he would be a good horse to learn on.  His new daddy did such a good job, that he ended up eventing for 12 years, hunting, jumping and dressage, with joy and talent.   But due to years of hoof and leg issues that were progressively getting worse, it was time to retire him to a calm and easy life at our sanctuary.  He is the leader of this herd and the gentlest alpha male we could ever have.  Miss Lexi thinks he is the most gorgeous tall dark gentleman around and is happy following him everywhere.

His owner, Nolan Latourelle, was our farrier before he sustained a life-changing injury at work.  After that he could no longer trim hooves, and in fact eventually died peacefully as his heart gave out in the arms of his beloved family two months prior to our adoption of Chandler.  He was so excited about what we were doing with building this sanctuary and looking forward to being an important part of it.  We may not have him to help us any longer in human form, but there is not any doubt that he is still here helping us in spirit form.  We know he is thrilled that his horse came to spend his retirement years with us.    We promise you Nolan, as well as his family, that we will take loving care of this big beautiful boy until the day he comes to join you again.

You are totally irresistible Mr. Chandler.

And you are one big boy at about 17 hands tall.  Boy, how are you ever gonna get on him Melissa?

You were so excited to be coming to your new forever home.  And we were thrilled to have you.  Still are!

The soul prospers from sharing, caring, relating and fulfilling. Nothing can make you feel better than doing something good for another being. - Joe Camp