Miss Cookie

This beautiful Missouri Fox Trotter came to us early in 2018 as a donation from one of our friends at Henry’s Home.  She and her husband live in Texas half the year and New Jersey during our hot summer.  She had just bought her in 2017 after they moved into a home with a barn and pasture with the plan to buy another as well.  But she discovered that caring for her two horses in NJ and one more in TX was proving too much and it was an unstable life for this mare living alone half the year and boarded at a neighbors the other half.  So she asked if we would give her a stable forever home where she could come to spend time with her when she is in town.  We said yes!

Miss Cookie made a bee line to the miniature donkey we have the minute she was allowed into the herd.  This bond she felt with Miss Patsy Cline [who barely tolerated having her constant attention, being the loner she is] proved strong.  In fact it caused problems for a few months as she alienated herself from the rest of the herd as she played the role of mama, warding off all others that came close to her ‘baby’.  We found out that she had a miniature donkey as her mate in a previous pasture and so this was her way of feeling connected with  the insecurity that resulted from her many moves.  She was very high strung and we were worried about our ability to keep everyone safe around her.  But fortunately she calmed down after a few months and is now bonded with Big John and is a happy part of the B Team, keeping an eye on her ‘baby’ but much more casually.  She remains a bit wary of people but has proven to be a joy to ride, very sensitive and well trained and smooth gaited.  We are all falling in love with her as she finally lets us be more a part of her life.  And she is happy to have a stable forever home with no more moves.  Ever.

“You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe