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Steve and Linda Campbell run this agriculture business in Willis, TX.  Steve had a dairy for most of his life, and when he had to sell it after a back injury, he started spraying neighbors for income.  In college his major was agriculture so he knows what the soil needs as well as the needs of livestock.  He reads soil sample reports to help our clients in improving their fields for maximum yield.  We work Sunday through Friday and take the Sabbath off, and since we started observing the Sabbath God has blessed us mightily.    

The first spring after we took over our donated land, at the beginning of 2020, our pastures were completely over run by iron weed and other weeds, making it almost impossible for our natural grasses to grow.  The weeds were above our knees, making it dangerous to even walk in our pastures.   They were also all over the rest of our property as well.  We were spending a lot of time pulling them out in the areas we were living in.  We needed help.  We were referred to Linda and she offered to do our pasture weed control and fertilization as a donation, without us even asking.  It was a God thing.  As Linda and her son, who does the actual application, walked the pastures with us initially, they were wonderful teachers, and very knowledegable about everything.  They studied our soil samples to figure out just what our soil needed to be the most productive.  They continue to mentor us even after we purchased a sprayer and learned how to spray our weeds ourselves in 2021.