Combined Arms is a dynamic, ever-evolving collaborative impact organization that is using an innovative approach to technology and service delivery to disrupt the veteran transition experience. By providing comprehensive support to military members and their families as they transition to civilian life, we are accelerating veteran transition in order to deliver maximum impact on the communities they return to.

Combined Arms streamlines the connection between veterans and their families from all branches of the military with organizations that serve them. We’ve created a new veteran service model, focusing on collective impact—reinventing what it means to serve veterans by creating pathways for them to access resources based on exactly what they’ve asked for, leaving the outdated model of “services in silos” behind. 

Combined Arms is creating a well-rounded community of veterans who are United After The Uniform.



Veterans leaving the military face a huge difficulty transitioning to civilian life. Most pronounced is that they lack access to personal and professional networks when they leave the military. While in the military they and their families are part of a unit and a strong support network with clear direction for career paths and family services. We believe that the best service we can provide veterans during their transition is access to a community of veterans that have already transitioned, who have walked the road they find themselves on presently and have the time and ability to give back to strengthen their careers and families.

In order to provide that community, we have to gather our successful veterans that have already transitioned, that are leading their industries and companies in their careers. We need classmates and friends, mothers and fathers, husbands and wives who are secure in their family lives. We need community building activities that gather our leaders, volunteers, and veterans to connect with one another. The greatest resource that can be provided to veterans is one that connects them with other veterans.

With dozen of events there is always opportunities to meet other veterans, share stories, be inspired, build your network, and strengthen your career & your family.

The problems that face veterans both as they transition from the military and once they have transitioned are daunting. No single organization can provide all the programming or resources necessary to be successful. We do not try to be everything to our veterans, instead we focus on one thing. Building the community of veterans. 

Building the community of veterans means creating opportunities for veterans to come together, to connect, to share stories, to feel a part of a whole, and to help one another. We’ve Been There, and we’ll be there for you too.

We have all served, we have all been part of the greatest military force in history, we have all graduated from the most field tested leadership training, we’ve all been through the transition back to civilian life, and we are here for veterans and their families. We’ve Been There.