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Kiewit is one of North America’s largest and most respected engineering and construction organizations. Kiewit’s commitment to safety, quality and environmental stewardship are ingrained in everything we do. It’s visible in our core values, the work that we build and in our people.

At Kiewit, we always begin with the end in mind.

Constructability is at the heart of all of our engineering — because we know what we’re designing for you will need to be built.

With construction-focused engineering, we create solutions for our clients that seamlessly transition from blueprints to real, completed projects. Taking constructability under consideration at every step ensures our clients have the high quality, cost-effective designs they expect.

As part of one of the largest construction and engineering firms in North America, our engineers understand the crucial role that contractors have in the overall development and delivery of every project — from start to finish. It’s what separates Kiewit engineers and designers from the pack, and provides our clients an advantage that better controls budget, quality and cost throughout a project’s lifecycle.


Kiewit has more than 135 years of experience building projects of all types, sizes and complexities across North America. Innovating execution methods to deliver safe, high-quality projects is the foundation of our business and success. We self-perform the vast majority of our work, averaging over 50 million direct-hire man-hours annually, because we know that self-performing scopes of work on the critical path of construction provides significant safety, quality and schedule advantages to our projects. By building long-term relationships with our craft workforces and providing industry-leading training and development, our jobs are staffed with highly trained professionals working at all levels of project execution.

A few folks from Kiewit started coming out to volunteer on projects at Henry’s Home in 2020, thanks to our volunteer Arch Currid who works there.  And they just kept coming back.  After a couple of project days, they decided, as a company, to do some pro-bono work for us, including planning, labor and supplies.  We could not be more blessed for having a partner like Kiewit.