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Lone Star Legal Aid

We protect and advance the civil legal rights of the millions of Texans living in poverty.  Lone Star Legal Aid serves 76 counties by providing free advocacy, legal representation, and community education that ensures equal access to justice.
About Us
We are the third largest service provider of free legal aid in the United States.
We serve 72 counties in Texas and 4 in Arkansas, an area that covers one-third of the state Texas, including almost 60,000 square miles from Texarkana, to the Louisiana-Texas Gulf Coast state-line, down to Matagorda Bay, an area with over 2 million Texans eligible for free legal services.
We have 14 offices throughout east, southeast, and northeast Texas, and cover a multitude of practice areas including consumer, landlord tenant, foreclosure, public benefits, environmental justice, disaster recovery, tax relief, fair housing, family law, domestic violence, sexual assault, crime victim rights, veterans benefits, and more.
Conroe Office
All Lone Star Legal Aid staff is currently working from home as a result of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic. This means we are not available at our offices at this time, however, all Lone Star Legal Aid offices remain open virtually and are accepting applications online or by calling the office telephone number listed below.


We love the days this group come to put on workshops and information days with us here at Henry’s Home.  Our veterans appreciate the opportunity to meet with an attorney to answer their questions and see if they qualify for their free services.

MANAGING ATTORNEY:  Deborah Concepcion

Phone: (936) 539-2130