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Parelli Foundation

Helping create a better world for horses and humans through natural horsemanship education.

The Parelli Foundation provides grants to organizations promoting horse welfare. 

We fund education initiatives for horse rescue centers that improve the welfare of the horse and increase adoptability. We also support showmanship and competition when performed using natural horsemanship principles. Rescue center education raises awareness of how natural horsemanship can help rescued horses have a future.

Heroes and Horsemanship Initiative: Horses Helping Heroes

Parelli Foundation’s Heroes and Horsemanship Initiative is a grant program supporting non-profit therapeutic organizations serving veterans, active members of the military, first responders and their families, or as we like to call them, heroes helping heroes.

The Parelli Foundation has a mission to help those who protect our country by extending their access to horses and natural horsemanship education. It is well established that Equine-Assisted Therapy (EAT) has been helpful to many veterans and first responders as they deal with the extreme conditions associated with armed conflict and their careers. These American heroes should have the opportunity to heal and cope through EAT. The Parelli Foundation is stepping up to fill this need.

We received our first grant from the Parelli Foundation in 2020, which provided us DVD training materials, and a weekend with Sargent Julie Payne, a 2 Star Instructor Parelli Professional. She is also a full-time Sargent with the Austin Police Department Mounted Patrol. She has been out for training with our volunteers several times and we love working with her.

Telephone: 855-687-7273

Telephone: (512) 750-2067

Huge Thank You to Julie Payne Parelli-Professional, Dawn and Amanda at Austin PD Mounted for helping us score some Parelli Saddles and wonderful donations!!! WooHoo 🎉 You ladies ROCK !!!!