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At TOML, we are passionate about celebrating life.
You work hard, play hard, volunteer hard and commit to excellence everyday. TOML non-addictive hemp products provide mental, physical and emotional relief for you, your horse and pets. Our products are formulated and developed to provide maximum relief and more importantly our mission is to improve the quality of life of everyone we touch.

Hemp Derived Natural Wellness
We are dedicated to using the power of federally legal hemp solutions improve the life of everyone we touch. Our goal is to provide the highest quality, research supported, ethically produced products to everyone who wants to feel better and help others feel better at the same time. Our mission is to help those dealing with the unseen wounds of war.

Scott Robertson, the President of TOML, reached out to us in 2020 to ask if we would like to try some of his samples on our horses.  Well, it’s been a wonderful partnership since that day.  We use a number of his products now to help our horses feel more comfort in areas of sore feet, sore joints, allergies and skin issues, calmness, and more.  Their CBD and CBG products are a very appreciated part of our equine food and supplement program here at Henry’s Home.


Krista, Tx – Wally

“Some interesting things we have noticed about Wally while he has been on the TOML CBD every day is that he is a lot less aggressive in the herd.  Normally he would go out of his way to chase others off of hay, water and other herdmates. Now he is so much more calm and less of a bully. He minds his own business and that is a huge difference, because in the past, he bit the tip of another horse’s ear off.  We are so thankful for the change.”