Warrior Reunion Foundation

Our Mission
Warrior Reunion Foundation supports combat veterans in overcoming the challenges of post-military transition by reconnecting those who served together overseas. We challenge stigma through shared experience, rebuilding essential peer support networks that enable our veterans to live with meaning, purpose and positive impact in their communities.​

America’s warriors share an unbreakable bond. Formed in the cauldron of combat, the connection between those who have fought our nation’s wars endures long after the fields of battle fall silent. But as our veterans transition to life after service they often find themselves separated from their most important resource: each other. Warrior Reunion Foundation solves this problem. Our reunions help warriors thrive in life after service by building peer support networks one unit at a time.

We train together. We fight together. We cannot successfully transition alone. Our program connects combat veterans with the only population that can offer real “peer support” – the “battle buddies” they served with in combat. Our unique model eliminates the most common barriers to engagement by mobilizing the unparalleled trust of personal relationships at the small unit level, while covering all costs associated with participation.

WRF sends groups of their veterans and gold star families to Henry’s Home when they are in Houston, to experience a work project for team building, as well as enjoy some theraputic time with our herd of rescued horses.  We have been honored to spend time with these units as they reconnect and reunite, and learn new options for healing, by way of the horse.