Miss Precious

Precious was born to Mama JoJo while living at TMR Donkey Rescue in Plantersville, Texas. She was sponsored by a volunteer there, Becky Robertson, since her birth in 2017/18ish. The problem was that Becky had to drive almost an hour to see her and that was difficult with the breast cancer treatments that she was going through. She started to volunteer at Henry’s Home in 2019 and loved it, but missed spending as much time with her little girl. When she asked if it was possible for her to move Miss Precious to Henry’s Home, we said yes. Anything to make her life easier. Marjorie, the Equine Director at TMR, agreed to bring her over, but only if we also took Miss Precious’ mama, since they had never been apart. We agreed, and to Henry’s Home they both came to live out the rest of their lives. And that can be a long time since donkeys live longer than horses, generally.

Miss Precious had just a little halter training, and being the donkey she is, she basically needed a push-me-pull-me system of leading for a few months until she got the hang of being led with a halter and lead rope. She is inquisitive, spirited, naughty, fun . . . just what a youngster ought to be. When her human mama Becky died, we promised to always give her two girls a wonderful home. We may not love them as much as she did, but we will spend the rest of our lives trying to live up to her legacy.

Her family came out to celebrate her life and spend time with the girls. The next day, we were blessed to be able to dress them up in the Hawaiian theme of the celebrations, and let everybody meet them.

“You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe