Grand Central Park

Pristine wooded splendor… electrifying urban excitement… natural serenity… world-class shopping, dining, and entertainment… Grand Central Park is more than just a new master-planned community with homes for sale in Conroe; it’s a sensational 2,046-acre experience that wonderfully combines living, working and playing. What’s more, it’s located just 5 miles north of The Woodlands along Interstate 45 and S. Loop 336, providing excellent access to everything Montgomery County has to offer, as well as close proximity to Houston’s new Energy Corridor and ExxonMobil campus. Gorgeous woodland getaway… dynamic destination for shopping, dining and more, Grand Central Park is truly the best of both worlds.

When we got the call from Johnson Development offering Henry’s Home a donated home on this ideally located property, we said yes!  The location was obviously a God thing for us as our volunteers and supporters are located primarily in The Woodlands, Conroe, Magnolia, Spring area.  Grand Central Park is smack in the middle of this fast growing county, in the most ideal location for all our folks.  And with Montgomery County having well over 35,000 veterans, it is also easy for those folks to attend our Horses & Heroes Equine Program sessions.

The problem when we got that initial call was that they were not ready to move us to the property yet.  So, naturally, the Construction Manager for this property invited us to move about eight horses [and numerous volunteers] onto his personal property in Conroe until they were ready.  At no cost.  Who does that?  This turned out to be our introduction to the hearts of those who work for this company.  What we all thought would be for a month or two turned into almost a year.  With us parking in their driveway and eating down their pasture and taking away their privacy. This family moved us into their home and hearts and we can never repay them.

In July of 2016 we finally moved onto the land that they had picked out for us, in the middle of the 1,200 acres that they are not planning to develop.  They are planning to keep this portion natural for the residents to have as their back yard.  They chose an area that would provide us safety and privacy to keep our horses safe, but that was also easily accessible for our volunteers and clients.  They donated all the old boy scout sleeping pallets to us to pull apart so that we could have all the boards we needed for our fencing, siding of our buildings, etc.  They helped us clear the land, cut the brush back, and have generally been our support team from the beginning.

We continue to work on our build out with the help of our volunteers, team building days with local corporations, boy scouts doing their Eagle Scout projects, and the continued support and involvement with Johnson Development.  We are loving meeting new residents as they come to hear our story, volunteer with us in caring for these horses, and sometimes just running into them while they are out fishing, hiking or biking.  We love it that they have a Director of Fun whose sole job is to plan events for the residents on a weekly basis.  But it does not surprise us that Grand Central Park is slowly but surely growing into the type of community that we knew God meant when He said twenty-five years ago to Donna that He would provide when the time was right.