Investment Advisory Services, Inc.

IAS offers comprehensive solutions through a spectrum of Wealth Management services. From growing your wealth with disciplined investment strategies, to planning for your family’s future or preparing for retirement, IAS is a client friendly firm focused on your success.

Retirement Planning
IAS provides cashflow projections to answer three questions: Where are you now? Where do you want to be? How will you get there?
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Portfolio Management
Working with input from our clients, we implement a personalized investment strategy and provide ongoing discretionary management and portfolio reporting.
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Life Planning
We welcome opportunities to help simplify the many complex financial issues that are part of our client’s everyday lives.
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Wealth Management
Our firm’s expertise along with strategic partnerships, allows us the ability to provide our clients with wealth management solutions.
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Portfolio Design
We work with each client to understand their unique goals, needs, and risk profile.
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We’d love to hear from you. Give us a call and we’ll get started.
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Henry’s Home was one of two local charities to share in the gift given to Investment Advisory Services for being one of three national winners in 2016 of Fidelity Investments’ Second Annual Be Greater Awards.  This award recognizes Registered Investment Advisers [RIA] that are taking their firms to the next level, evolving them into successful, growing businesses.

The award was given in particular to Investment Advisory Services for, “Standing out for their focus on strategy and leveraging technology in order to become more future-ready. Located in The Woodlands, Texas, this six‐person firm combines goals-based planning with portfolio design. They also provide support for broader life issues such as estate planning and risk management, working in conjunction with strategic partners. Investment Advisory Services utilizes technology to enhance the client experience, while also improving efficiency and reducing costs. Their central open-architecture platform integrates several workflows including account aggregation, a client portal, financial planning capabilities, CRM and document management software to “go paperless.”  Investment Advisory Services is using its small, tight‐knit team as a competitive advantage to quickly adopt new technologies as well as develop a personalized client experience. “Our business is about relationships,” says John Haynes, managing director and chief investment officer. “And, our staff enjoys being part of something that provides a benefit to others. We continually look for feedback from clients to understand what they value most when working with our team, and then provide an experience we hope will motivate them to tell others about how we can help.”  Henry’s Home received a check for $7,500 as part of this award.

The second check for $12,000 was received from Investment Advisory Services at the end of 2017 as a partial payment on a new tractor since ours had been flooded during Hurricane Harvey and was deemed irreversibly damaged.  As soon as we started our initial recovery from the flood we experienced with Harvey, John Haynes reached out to see how they could help. Knowing that we were in great need of a reliable working tractor, he went into action.  “We normally do something at year-end for our clients and this year we would like to say we bought Henry’s Home half of a tractor”, said John.  It was a blessing that they could not have fathomed for Henry’s Home.  With it came all the implements we need to work this sanctuary, including a flat bed trailer which we desperately needed for hauling equipment and supplies.  God has used this group of outstanding, generous individuals to bless us with these donations, and they continue to keep us in their good works and loving thoughts.