Regina Fulton

Veterans Outreach Director

Regina, originally from West Virginia, served seven years, including Desert Storm, in the United States Navy before getting a Culinary Arts Degree from John and Wells University. She also got her Cosmetology Degree and has been a hair stylist and color artist for the last 16 years. Although cooking, baking and creating works of art with colors for women are passions, her biggest joys have been her son, now grown, and her dogs over the years. She knows first hand what it’s like to need community and friendship. She knows how the affects of PTS and MST can effect everyday life, often times leading to isolation, anxiety, fear, anger and loneliness, among other things.

She will tell you that when she found Henry’s Home, she was not in a good place. But from the moment she came for her first visit to Henry’s Home, she felt at peace being around the horses and other animals. As she spent more time, she found friendship, community, and acceptance. She has a family here now, a purpose, and she wants to help other veterans come together, to give them resources, community, family and hope. She knows now having support is so important. “I am Blessed to be a part of such an Amazing Community and look forward to Serving our veteran community any way I can. Come and meet my new love, Sir Fredrico. I call him Fred.”