Scott Robertson

Scott Robertson is a passionate executive gifted in building teams, executing strategies, and maximizing the performance of executives at every level.  Seeing the need to support veterans’ initiatives and programs in a deep and sustaining manner, he co-founded and became the president of TOML, That Others May Live. This organization provides naturally occurring, federally legal cannabinoid products to humans, pets and the equine marketplace. The equestrian line was of personal interest and Scott began partnering with multiple equine organizations with the desire to provide natural solutions and better research for pain management, wound care, anxiety and mental relief. To date the equestrian line is the fastest growing and most exciting line in the portfolio working with performance trainers, equine hospitals, breeders, chiropractors, nutrition experts, collegiate programs, therapeutic facilities and multiple holistic and naturally focused organizations with equine health and well-being at the forefront of their goals, such as Henry’s Home. When not spending time at a stable, barn, rodeo, or other equine centric event Scott enjoys being in the outdoors and spending time with his wife of 22 years and two teenage sons.

Life loves to be taken by the lapel and told: I'm with you kid. Let's go. - Maya Angelou