Meet the Horses!

Every Horse Needs a Hero! Would You Like to Sponsor One of these Horses?

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Mr. Henry

Sponsored by Susanne Pizzitola

Miss Lexi

Mr. Wall-E

Mr. Tavi

Sponsored by Alexa Adams

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Willie Nelson

Sponsored by Cindy and James Laufer

Miss Mini Pearl

Sponsored by Louise Graves

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Big John

Mr. Dusty

Miss Cookie

Sponsored by the Bernstein Family

Mr. Cisco

Sponsored by Carol Foster

Miss Fey

Sponsored by Frances Smith and Susan Smith-Snider

Miss Diva

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The Admiral

Sponsored by the Rachel & Jeff Smith Family

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Sir Charles

Sponsored by Kristi Bender

Mr. Leo

Mr. Shiloh

Sponsored by Tracy Kelly

Lil’ Mercy

Sponsored by Asperity Foundation

Mama JoJo

Sponsored by Ling Neeley

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Miss Precious

Sponsored by Ling Neeley

Miss Fleur

Senor Fredrico

Sir Winston

Sponsored by Vicki Hueber

Miss Sophie

Sponsored by Anonymous on behalf of the Soldiers of 1-24 Infantry-Duece Four

Sir Irish


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Mr. Bailey

Meet the Other Family Members

Agustus McRae

Mama Lucy

Baby Warren

Miss Roxie

Roger Dodger

Miss Tilly

Max the Man

Miss Greenbean

Miss Silly

Mr Lincoln

Miss Blottie

In Memory Of

Mr. Mick

Miss Bella

Patsy Cline

Mr. Chandler

Miss Jinx

Miss Tessa

Miss Sally

Hank Williams