Thom Bolsch

Shortly after graduating from Pace University with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in 1988, Thom joined the Secret Service.  He was an accomplished security management professional with a 25-year tenure in the U.S. Secret Service. Expertise in criminal investigations and executive protective operations at all levels. Create and implement programs to maximize physical protection, investigations, training and development, and site security management initiatives.

Saddle River Range, LLC

In 2014, Thom founded a new business offering several levels of membership to fit any shooter’s budget, Saddle River Range offers a level of service and atmosphere that is unmatched in the indoor shooting sports industry. They are fully committed to providing a safe, warm and inviting Next-Generation facility that also offers a fun and social setting where first time and experienced shooters can feel comfortable on their range. Saddle River Range provides family-oriented safety, education, and instructional shooting sports, as well as self-defense training.

He got to know Donna, the founder of Henry’s Home early in the history of this nonprofit.  Over the years, Thom has supported the work that is done here with veterans and first responders.

Life loves to be taken by the lapel and told: I'm with you kid. Let's go. - Maya Angelou