Henry’s Home: Conroe sanctuary building friendships between veterans and horses

CONROE, Texas (KTRK) — It’s a unique program that builds friendships between veterans and first responders with horses. It’s helping them cope with issues like PTSD.


HHELP: Horses & Heroes Equine Learning Program

This program offers a Retreat into nature [in the middle of the woods], working at our sanctuary, spending as much time as you want with our Rescued horses and other farm animals. We could use Your Help working at this sanctuary and working with these animals. You can help us with the horses on the ground, learning to care for and train them, and you can learn to ride, or ride better, with a professional instructor if you would like, with lessons always at no cost to you. Those lessons can be private, peer group with other veterans, or family lessons if you would like to get your family involved. Practice what you learn between lessons, working at your own pace. Absolutely no horse experience needed to get started. Horses are the very best teachers/therapists when it comes to dealing with trauma, anxiety, depression, anger, and the other stuff that happens with life, right?

If you are interested in learning more, contact:

Donna Stedman

Horses & Heroes Equine Therapy Program

This program offers EAGALA [Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association] equine psychotherapy sessions for veterans and first responders on a weekly basis. Sessions are for one hour and are all on the ground working with a team of horse/equine specialist/licenced therapist. According to the EAGALA rules, unfortunately if you choose this option, you cannot come to volunteer here or take any lessons from us for up to two years after your sessions . . . just to be aware.